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If you are a Sales or Buyer for someone, you might like to know the below information.

- Does Sunshinecn Apparel  have a registration process for buyers or merchandisers?

Yes. Please email our Production Director in order to begin the qualification process. You need to visit our website's Contact Us page and send a detailed message via the form or send us an email with ATTN: Mr. Jim Wang 


NOTE: All buyers must work for or on behalf of registered companies. Relevant business references may be requested.

- Does Sunshinecn Apparel  have any factory brands that we can source?

Yes. Sunshinecn has a number of factory brands that we can showcase for you. You'll need to contact our management team and complete our qualification process. Please Contact Us for more.

- How can we contact any of your existing clients?

Once you've been approved through our qualification and registration process, you will need to submit a detailed merchandising request document in order to help us narrow down your options to relevant clients only. We will then initiate contact with our clients on your behalf before a conference call or meeting can be arranged. Keep in mind that Sunshinecn has over 300 registered clients, some of them producing up to 300 SKU'S.

- Does Sunshinecn manage the entire product development through to the stock management process or can we control some of the process?

We encourage buyers/merchandisers to be involved in the stock management process. However, Sunshinecn and our facilities adhere to strict collectively agreed anti-theft and intellectual property rights policies. In short, Sunshinecn manages all release of intellectual property and maintains project management of the production of all clothing as per our agreement with our clients.

- Does Sunshinecn provide any trend forecasting?

We provide ad-hoc forecasting based on current activities within our supply chain. Information includes but is not limited to; the most produced or most requested styles, most requested or ordered fabric types, fabric colours, print categories, notions and types of materials, average styles per client category, average order volumes per style, etc. We do not disclose private production details of specific clients or other private client information. For truly in-depth market analyses, we highly recommend registering with companies such as WGSN, Stylus, etc.

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