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Get Production Quotes

Sunshinecn Provides Accurate Quotes base on Your Demands

We prefer to receive detailed tech packs via email. but some clients choose to ship clothing items to us instead of emailing tech packs. Just choose the method that works best for you, then Contact Us to let us know.

Sunshinecn is a custom Jacket manufacturing company, everything we do is based on accuracy and transparency. When we receive your specs, we will provide you with exact production costs and production times.

​Create Professional Tech Packs

If you don't have Tech Packs yet, please visit our Design Tech Packs page to learn how to create your own. We recommend two ways to do this:

✓ Use the world's top tech pack design platform called 

Download Sunshinecn’'s teck pack template and fill it in with your specs.

You can create your tech packs in any format. Just ensure that you provide the required specifications. If you need guidance, please Contact Us.


  Launching A New Winter Collection 


                                      - A Case Study -

Tim  owns Montain  a premium ethical baby wear brand based in UK

Hear from Tim about her real and professional experience working with Sunshinecn.

See how easy it is to launch your new collection when you work with Sunshinecn Apparel.

截屏2021-03-04 下午9.40.06.png

Hi everyone! This is Tim, Founder of Montain Collection. I've been working with Sunshinecn since 2018. They made my manufacturing truly easy. Read about my personal experiences of working with Sunshinecn and how they help my business.

                                               What You Need To Do Now

This is when you need to send us your design specs. There are two-ways you can do this. Our preference is to receive detailed tech packs from you via email. Alternatively, you can choose to ship clothing items to us.

CLick this Button if you want email us your detailed tech packs  >

CLick this Button if you want ship us clothing items                    >

Even More Reasons Work With Sunshinecn

Hired by Brands From Over 30 Countries

 Let Sunshinecn’s experienced manufacturing specialists do all the hard work, leaving you to focus on your business.


Why go to wholesales? 

Buying from manufacturer direct is stress free. 

Exceptional Customer Support

Call or WhatsApp: +8613989819602  Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (Beijing-time)

Ensure Top Quality Productions Every Time

Sunshinecn takes care of your productions from end-to-end, ensuring high quality garments on every order.

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